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I wanted something to do with my young dog that was fun and challenging for both of us. Sara is an extremely knowledgeable, positive and patient instructor who expertly guided us, a true novice team, and made our entry into the sport of Nosework understandable and fun!
~ Marion & Enzo

Sara is a knowledgeable and attentive instructor who clearly enjoys sharing her passion for the sport of nose work with her students.
~ Rosemary & Kai

I started my nose work journey with Sara. She was supportive, positive in her suggestions and always there to give advice or help. I was so encouraged that I received an NW1 in a short period of time and now I am seeking an NW2. This has been such a rewarding experience that I have started a second dog.
~ Linda & Luna

I walked into my first nose work class knowing very little about canine scent sports, with an extremely timid, environmentally sensitive dog who would not venture five feet away from me. By the end of the class, I decided that perhaps this was a sport that neither of us were suited for, and I had no inclination to return. But, Sara saw something in us both that was promising, and she was very encouraging and convinced me to return. I'm so glad that we did!

Sara is the ultimate nose work instructor. She has a solid understanding of dog behavior. She has the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in both the dog's searching and in the handler's skills. She is a good problem solver and always offers very practical and useful solutions along with creative exercises for training and practice outside of class.

Sara is a fantastic instructor, who is always available to help with a smile on her face. She has been supportive of Liliana and I as we have progressed. She is especially encouraging to green handlers with green dogs.
~ Nancy & Lilliana

Sara is a wonderful teacher and has great knowledge of the "odor picture". She always has practical suggestions for the challenges my dog and I may encounter. These suggestions have helped me and my dog progress. She always saw the positive in our team and was always encouraging.
~ Michele & Bennie